3 Reasons Why Cheese is Flat Out Awesome for Your Next Holiday Party

Are you hosting an event? Any party with friends or loved ones calls for a celebration with some wine or champagne. But, there is nothing more special than a fresh wheel on a cheese board just waiting to be cut into pie slices!

Besides, what's an event without a taste of fun? With over 2000 varieties to choose from, cheese is undoubtedly going to be the life of your party.

Here's why we think cheese is flat out excellent for your next event.

Cheese adds 'intrigue' to your event menu

They may even have to 'steal' some home, after all, cheese is the most stolen food item in the world! So be generous with your cheese like President Andrew Jackson.With entirely different types of cheese to put out, every cheese lover will be intrigued by your event. They not only get to enjoy their favorite cheese but would have the rare opportunity to taste cheese from miles across the border they usually wouldn’t before. 

He once had over nine thousand visitors come to the White House to feast on a four feet wide, two feet thick cheddar cheese weighing 1400 pounds. Guess what; the cheese was gone within two hours!

You see why you can't afford to go cheesy with cheese? Go big!

Cheese can get your guest 'high' the healthy way.

Cheese is a good source of calcium, protein, phosphorus, zinc, vitamin A and vitamin B12. One ounce of cheddar cheese provides 20 percent of this daily requirement.

Healthy right? Absolutely; but that's not all there is to it.

When you digest cheese, it breaks down into an opioid. Yes, you read that right. It even has trace amounts of naturally occurring morphine which makes it addictive.

Wouldn't you rather give your cheese lovers a good fix?

Everyone (ok, almost everyone) loves cheese!

You can serve cheese on its own, or make it into main courses, appetizers, even desserts. Some people like it grilled, melted to dip stuff in it, while some like it in salads, sandwiches, pizza and pasta dishes.From the horseradishy Cheddar to the fruity, tasty River Blue, and the citrusy, pretty Humboldt Fog; cheese can turn doubtful guests into cheese enthusiasts after the first few bites.

Whatever you're serving at your next event, the cheese will fit in perfectly. You can pair it with wine or even with watermelon simply because it. Is. That. Delicious!

Yes, we know everybody doesn't like cheese. For those who don't, it's their right not to, but they're wrong.

Cheese is the ooey-gooey, melty stuff that dreams are made of; It’s why people break diets, grill bread, eat macaroni, and, heck, wake up in the morning. It’s a comfort food that is so scarily happiness-inducing that it’s the word we tell folks to say to make them smile when photographing them.

When is your next family event or holiday party? Could it be the coming Thanksgiving!?

Ensure you have the right cheese knife set to transform any wedge, block or wheel into party-perfect, bite-sized delicious pieces for the whole family and guests.