About Us

At ICOSA Living, we are passionate about beautifully designed products for your home. We believe that products in your home shouldn’t just be functional tools, they are an expression of who we are. And just as your home is designed for your lifestyle, so should the products you use. Whether you’re entertaining friends for dinner, or sharing a morning coffee with your loved ones, we hope to be a part of moments and experiences that you’ll cherish.

We also happen to like coffee a LOT too. Head over to our ICOSA Brewhouse website and discover more about what we’re brewing up in the coffee world =).


Home. It’s more than a place where we live and recharge. It’s a haven where we celebrate life’s moments and a trove where we keep the treasures that make us who we are. Your home is an extension of you and how you choose to live. So go ahead, celebrate home. Celebrate living.